What is Roto Grocery?

Roto, inspired by the word "Rotation", an ever-evolving menu.

We take pride in being a laid-back breakfast and lunch spot that offers a unique flavor and atmosphere, all while feeling completely at ease and right at home.

How It Started...

Our café has an inspiring backstory that brings together two driven individuals, Brock Ferraro and Jack Monahan. They crossed paths during their time at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and, although they went their separate ways after graduation, their passion for creating something unique never waned.

Since opening, their café has become a beloved fixture in Bay Shore, offering a delightful fusion of gourmet flavors, warm hospitality, and a genuine connection with their customers. The café stands as a testament to the power of friendship, shared dreams, and the pursuit of culinary excellence.

From Our Garden to Your Table

At Roto Grocery, we have a firm belief in using only the freshest ingredients in our culinary creations. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients locally, ensuring that everything we use has been grown and picked in nearby farms and gardens. This dedication to local sourcing enables us to deliver the highest quality food to our valued customers.

Working closely with local farmers and suppliers, we have established strong relationships within our community. This not only supports local businesses but also allows us to showcase the bountiful flavors and freshness that our region has to offer.

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